Welcome at the Royal Mint of Belgium

The Royal Mint of Belgium strikes all official coins, also called change.
In 1969 the Mint was renamed Royal Mint of Belgium, a denomination that suits the institution better given that coinage is a royal prerogative.
The coins are distributed by the National Bank of Belgium.
As a public institution, the Royal Belgian Mint is, in the administrative sphere, subject to the Administration of the Treasury, which makes that it comes under the Minister of Finance.

Upcoming at the RMB in October 2017:

* 25 October: definitive closing of the web shop on www.europemint.eu, after which there will no further opportunity to order with the RMB.

Following the restructuring of the Royal Mint of Belgium our webshop will be closed from this moment onwards. We would like to thank you for your confidence in our services and will keep you informed about the future developments within the Royal Mint of Belgium.

The Royal Mint of Belgium, ambassador….

On Saturday the 19th of August 2017 for the 38th time, the great chapter of the International Brotherhood of the Golden Fleece took place in the Gothic hall of the City Hall in Bruges.
On this occasion the Royal Mint of Belgium was appointed as ambassador of the International Brotherhood of the Golden Fleece.

Info : www.broederschapguldenvlies.be